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### Angular2 Starter Plunker - Typescript - Beta 0

A simple plunker demonstrating Angular2 usage:
- Uses SystemJS + TypeScript to compile on the fly
- Includes binding, directives, http, pipes, and DI usage.
  //use typescript for compilation
  transpiler: 'typescript',
  //typescript compiler options
  typescriptOptions: {
    emitDecoratorMetadata: true
  //map tells the System loader where to look for things
  map: {
    app: "./src"
  //packages defines our app package
  packages: {
    app: {
      main: './main.ts',
      defaultExtension: 'ts'
//main entry point
import {bootstrap} from 'angular2/platform/browser';
import {App} from './app';

bootstrap(App, [])
  .catch(err => console.error(err));
//our root app component
import {Component} from 'angular2/core'
import {TodoItemComponent} from './todoitem.component';

  selector: 'my-app',
  providers: [],
  template: `
      <h2>Hello {{name}}</h2>
        <todo-item caption="Buy milk"></todo-item>
        <div><span>Some Content</span></div>
        <div><span class="red-span">Some Content with CSS class red-span</span></div>
  directives: [TodoItemComponent]
export class App {
  constructor() {
    this.name = 'Angular2'
import {Component, Input, ViewEncapsulation} from 'angular2/core';

  selector: 'todo-item',
  templateUrl: 'templates/todoitem.html',
  styleUrls: ['styles/todoitem.css']
  encapsulation: ViewEncapsulation.Native
export class TodoItemComponent{
  @Input() caption: string;
<span class="todo-item-caption">{{caption}}</span>